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About us

Group of company BioVid ( till 2008 PharmaVid ) is a manufacturing plant which is engaged in pre-packing and packaging of Food Supplements and Medical Products.
Company was founded in 1997
Present-day/contemporary level of manufacture guarantees high quality and environmental safety of pre-packing and packaging both medicine and FS.

The company has built up a good reputation on the Pharma market along this time and PharmaVid cor. has business cooperation with huge amount of foreign and Russian companies such as Pharmamed (Canada), Fitora (Russia), GreenFit (Russia), Vetbiochim (Russia),"The Health of Population" (Russia), SKS aliance (Russia-Island)

The expert appraisals of the manufacturers were conducted by representatives of the Canada offices of "Pharmamed", who gave an affirmative conclusion on allocation their orders on the production areas of BioVid cor.

The quality of the packing of Food Supplements and Medical products satisfy the world standards.
Service At the moment BioVid offers different manufacturing services, such as:
- blistering of the tablets, capsules and granules; packaging in the sachets; packaging in bottles; capsuling; pre-packing in strips; marking; tagging / labeling; packing.

Assembly department has more thirty officials in number.




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